The Pedras

"The real secret of Pedras is
in the mountains where the water has its spring."

Vale de Pedras is situated in the North of Portugal at an altitude of 1,263 meters, in an isolated plateau free from any polluting influence, in a region of rare beauty.

This place enjoys a micro climate that increases the impact of nature on the site.

The valley of Pedras is, therefore, a unique place with a terroir that gives the water incredible properties.

It is also here that we find the pedras salgadas spa & nature park, a touristic complex with environmentally friendly houses and tree houses, modern modular houses that rise out from the trees and adapt to the topography of the surroundings.

Environment friendly Houses, by Architect Luís Rebelo de Andrade, are located in the heart of the Park, perfectly integrated in the natural environment and reflecting the architectural evolution of this unique and special space.

This site was recently honoured with the award for Best Resort of Travel + Leisure Design Awards, awarded by the prestigious American magazine. The award distinguishes the innovative characteristics and design of the Eco Resort.

The healthy value of this water, awarded in 1873 at the international exhibition of vienna in Austria gave a great impetus to the construction of a thermal bathhouse, inaugurated in 1879 and visited by the most famous individualities of  the time.

This historic Thermal Spa, renovated in 2010 by architect Siza Vieira, offers a wide selection of massages, thermal and aesthetic treatments, sharing its areas with a magnificent indoor pool with water circuits, sauna and Turkish bath.

Due to its history and wealth, passing through the Pedras Salgadas Park follows a natural path, starting at the beautiful and stately main avenue, which allows us access to the buildings of the main springs, and where a visit to the hot springs is mandatory..

To taste the delicious and authentic treats of the region of Trás dos Montes, we invite you to visit the terrace of the restaurant “Casa de Chá”, with an ideal view overlooking the beauty of the park.