The Pedras

In northern Portugal, crossing the Douro River,
we come across the valley where the sparkling water springs come from. 


A place of unusual beauty in the region of Alto Tamega, an isolated plateau and away from any polluting influence, 580 meters high, the Pedras valley enjoys a microclimate that enhances the splendour of its natural surroundings,

It is at this location with its unique soil that the água das pedras springs, an extremely pure spring unspoiled by man.


Until a raindrop becomes a drop of Água das Pedras, hundreds of years may pass.

Some of the waters that we drink today may even be rain that fell over 10 thousand years ago.

From the rain and snow that melts in the mountains, Água das Pedras goes through a mineralisation process controlled by nature itself, which makes it one of the rarest waters in the world

During this long time, the water circulates deep underground, between 500 and 100 meters deep and gains the minerals that make it unique. When it comes to the surface, the gas, naturally incorporated in the water and extracted from the source, maintains the same characteristics and the same content in g/L.

And água das pedras starts here

natural carbonated mineral, hypersaline water with unique and constant composition, and 100% natural gas.

In tribute to this work of nature, we created the Pedras bottle and called it “spring". A bottle designed so that regardless of where you drink Água das Pedras, you remember that you are drinking water directly from the spring untouched by man.